International Journal of Agricultural Science Research and Development is a peer-reviewed open access scientific journal that provides fast review and rapid publication to  publish Innovative Papers, Original Research Papers, Review Articles, Mini-Reviews, Current Topics, Short Communications and  recent advancements in the all areas of Agricultural Science covering following topics: Agribusiness, Agricultural engineering, Agroecology, Bioinformatics, Bio-processin Agroforestry, Horticultural crops, Agricultural Chemistry & Soil science, Agricultural Computational Models and Statistics, agricultural Institutional and Policy Issues, Plant Breeding and  Genetics,  Agronomy and crop sciences, Agricultural Informatics, Agricultural Systems Mechanised agriculture, Intensive crop farming, Organic farming, Agricultural, Agricultural Botany & Biotechnology, agricultural meteorology, nutrition of field crops, Plant Pathology, Agriculture History, Agriculture and Environment, Animal Sciences, Antibody Production, Aquaculture, Biochemistry, Biomass and Bioenergy, Dairy Science, Entomology, Fermentation Technology, Horticulture, genetics and breeding, Rural Economy and Development, Genetic resources, soils and soil management, Organic Agriculture, Biodiversity, Post-Harvest Biology, Plant Protection, Agricultural Biotechnology, Pesticide Science, Poultry Science, Arboriculture, Arid soil research and rehabilitation, Agriculture and Natural Hazards, Agricultural Machinery, Seed Science Research, Fish and fisheries, Tree Fruit Production, Agricultural Biology, Husbandry Science, Viticulture, Irrigation and Water Resource Engineering, Horticultural Science, Ecosystems, Agricultural Extension and Education, Lakes, Rivers and Agriculture, Sea and Agriculture, Agricultural microbiology, Plant protection, Weed biology and all areas related to Agricultural Science Research and Development.

In detailed, International Journal of Agricultural Science Research and Development covers following areas:
Agricultural biotechnology
Agricultural chemistry
Agricultural diversification
Agricultural economics
Agricultural education
Agricultural engineering
Agricultural geography
Agricultural machinery
Agricultural marketing
Agricultural philosophy
Agricultural policy
Agricultural products
Agricultural resource management
Agricultural science
Agricultural soil science
Agricultural structures
Animal breeding
Animal husbandry
Animal nutrition
Animal science
Biological engineering
Bioresource engineering
Climatology and atmospheric science
Controlled-environment agriculture
Crop biotechnology
Environmental economics
Environmental policy
Environmental science
Farm management
Food processing
Food safety
Food science
Food technology
Genetic engineering
Genetic engineering
Health and nutrition
Human nutrition
Industrial agriculture
Irrigation and water management
Land management
Livestock management
Machine and shop classes
Modification of living organisms like plants, animals, and microorganisms
Molecular diagnostics
Molecular markers
Natural ecosystems
Organic chemistry
Plant breeding
Plant fertilization
Plant nutrition
Plant pathology
Production marketing
Range management
Regenerative agriculture
Small animal care
Soil classification
Soil degradation
Soil ecosystem
Soil fertility
Soil science
Surveying and land profiling
Theoretical production ecology
Tissue culture
Turf grass management
Waste management
Weed science