Herbal Drugs in the Treatment of Psoriasis


  • Navneet Kharpe VIVA Institute of Pharmacy, Virar, Maharashtra, India
  • Dr. Sunita Ogale VIVA Institute of Pharmacy, Virar, Maharashtra, India
  • Jayshree Aate VIVA Institute of Pharmacy, Virar, Maharashtra, India




Psoriasis, Pathogenesis, Herbal extract


Psoriasis is an inflammatory skin condition characterized by scaling with inflammation, resulting in regions of thick, red skin covered in silvery scales. It can be itchy or painful. Systemic treatment, topical therapy, and phototherapy are used to treat psoriasis, but they have negative and potentially fatal side effects. Patients with psoriasis are more likely to acquire other conditions such as psoriatic arthritis, anxiety and depression, cancer, metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, and Crohn's disease. Psoriasis is estimated to be around 2-3% of the general population. In Europe, the prevalence ranges from 0.1% to 3.2%, depending on the country. In Asia, the prevalence is generally lower, with estimates ranging from 0.1% to 1.5%. The study aims to highlight these plants, herbal formulations, and associated therapies to develop safer and more effective treatments for psoriasis. This review summarizes the current knowledge on herbal products used topically for psoriasis treatment, including their mechanisms of action such as inhibition of keratinocyte hyperproliferation, immune-inflammatory reaction. It also discusses the penetration of herbal products through the psoriatic skin barrier, novel drug delivery systems, and possible adverse effects of herbal therapy. Here, we provide a comprehensive review of the background of EP, assess the available clinical data on the efficacy of targeted therapies, and aim to provide a foundation for clinical decision making for this rare form of psoriasis.


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