Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences <p align="justify"><strong>Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences-TJPLS Journal (ISSN : 2349-9818) </strong>is a peer reviewed international journal which promotes the original work in field of pharmaceutical and life sciences. Necessity is the mother of invention and invention arises from researches. Therefore promoting researchers is way to solving the problems of humanity. Pharmacy is the field which is for serving the mankind and to relieve it from suffering. TJPLS accepts original research papers as well as review articles&nbsp; in the field of Pharmaceutical&nbsp; and Life Sciences.</p> Jadoun Science Publishing Group India en-US Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences 2349-9818 EVALUATION OF ANTIDIABETIC ACTIVITY OF ETHANOLIC EXTRACT OF CITRULLUS COLOCYNTHIS <p>The plant which is selected for studies is <em>Citrullus colocynthis</em>. These plants are available in large quantities in desert area of Rajasthan and different region of the world. The pharmacological studies on diabetes mellitus, hyperlipidemia, fever, bacteria, wound healing activities and antioxidant activities of the plants have been tested and evaluated for various disease treatments like diabetes, fever, obesity and other many various disorders. The main focus is given against streptozocin induced diabetes treatment in albino rats and comparison is done with standard drug glibenclamide.</p> Kamal Rakesh Kr. Jat Copyright (c) 2018 2022-06-04 2022-06-04 9 3 16 36 PHARMACOGNOSTICAL AND PHYTOCHEMICAL EVALUATION OF BARK EXTRACT OF ZMA AND ZME ZIZIPHUS MAURITIANA AND ZIZIPHUS NUMMULARIA (RHAMNACEAE) <p>Medicinal plants are used in traditional system of medicine to treat various diseases and many of these plants have been evaluated for their different pharmacological activities. <em>Ziziphus mauritiana </em>(ZM) (Rhamnaceae) is found wild and cultivated in many parts of India, Burma and Srilanka. Seeds of <em>Ziziphus mauritiana </em>have been reported to have sedative-hypnotic, hypotensive, antihypoxic, antihyperlipidemic and hypothermic activities. It is reported to contain minerals, alkaloids, flavonoids, sterols, tannins and saponins. Traditional medicine using herbal drugs exists in every part of the world. The major areas are Chinese, Indian and European traditions. The philosophies of these traditional medicines have some resemblance to each other but differ widely from modern western medicine. In view of the progress of western medicine not only new synthetic drugs but also herbal drugs have to fulfill the international requirements on quality, safety and efficacy. Herbal drugs have the advantage of being available for patients in the geographical area of the special traditional medicine. The development procedure of herbal drugs for world-wide use has to be different from that of synthetic drugs.</p> Sanwar Mal Yadav Prof. (Dr.) Vijay Kumar Sharma Prof. (Dr.) Pankaj Kumar Sharma Manish Dev Indoria Copyright (c) 2022 Tropical Journal of Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences 2022-06-04 2022-06-04 9 3 01 15