Informative Research Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities is peer-reviewed scientific journal published by Jadoun Science Publishing Group India. We publish Original Research Papers, Review Articles, Mini-Reviews, Current Topics, Short Communications, Special Reports, Clinical Cases and Letters to the editor dealing with the different fields of social sciences and humanities. It includes publications relating to fields of democracy, Education, Psychology, Philosophy, Law, Politics, Archeology, Public Policies, Government, Cultural studies, Ethnography, Geography, Economics, History, Humanities, Social Work, Communication, Environment, Human Technology Interaction, Cultural Studies, Anthropology, Linguistics, Food and Health, International Relations, Sociology, Political sciences, Sociolinguistics, Demography, Home science and governance, gender, history, language and many more.

Print ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

Online ISSN: xxxx-xxxx

Language: English

Issuse per year: 6

Frequency: Bimonthly

Online price: Open Access

Journal Country/Territory: Republic of India

Publisher: Jadoun Science Publishing Group India

Aims and Scope
The journal objective to provide an intellectual platform for scientists, researchers and academia for the communication, discussion and dissemination of new ideas & theories, scientific investigation, and latest research in the field of   Social Sciences and Humanities.